Fab is another one of those social selling sites, but in my opinion it’s the best. They deal with a lot of independent artists. I think they are based out of NY because I always see stuff from NYC, mostly Brooklyn. ANYWAY they have the best reward program I’ve seen out of any of them. You get a $10 credit just for signing up. If you refer someone to the site and they make a $25+ purchase, you get a $25 credit. If you refer 10 people to the site you get $30 (even if they don’t buy anything) 

I’ve gotten a lot of cool things from there already and I’ve only put a little of my own money in to it. There are a lot of things on sale right now that are $10 or less too, so it’s kinda like I’m giving you a gift. 

See, I’m nice sometimes.  The $10 credit deal ends at 10pm tonight. I’m pretty sure I NEED half of the items available, so I could use the $30 credit for referring you.

you’ve probably seen me post stuff from this site. you might even be following me because of those posts….

do it.


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