8/20/2011 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis, MO. – The timing couldn’t be better for St. Louis basedGreek Fire to get the opening spot for INCUBUS on Saturday night. With the release of the band’s debut record ‘Deus Ex Machina‘ just 4 days prior, this was their time to seize an opportunity, and take a giant step forward with their master plan to make people continue believing in Rock and Roll. I’ve seen this band mezmorize people in small shoebox clubs (Fubar w/ The Fu@k Off & Die’s”, and in big Rock Clubs (Pop’s w/ ‘Anberlin’), to festivals (Summerfest in Milwaukee, Pointfest in StL, and Q101 Jamboree in Chicago), and can tell you with certainty, these guys do what they do that extends beyond anything commercially associated with this business. They do this for the love of music, the passion to perform, and to bring you a Rock Show you will not forget. There were many highlights of their performance, but my favorite was when Phil (a.k.a. Moon) took to the crowd during “Under The Stars” from Deus Ex Machina, and following a few verses perched on the railing by the soundboard, walked down the aisle back toward the stage, and took a seat amongst the fans that were there. While his band mates continued rocking the instrumental part of the song, Phil kicked back to soak in the moment. He then stood up and shook the hands of those gathered around, and finished the song on stage. The moment was seized, and St. Louis got to witness a band still young in their journey, proving there is no stage too small, or amphitheater too big, that they can’t make exciting, and remind us all why we Love the Rock Show. Photo’s after the jump.


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