Butch Walker & The Black Widows – Butch Walker & The Black Widows – Summer Of ’89



The first single from Butch Walker & The Black Widows forthcoming album The Spade is out now!

Richie and Ruben - Single - Fountains of Wayne

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Interview with Terrible Things


This is my interview with Fred Mascherino, singer and guitarist, of Terrible Things at Warped Tour 2011 in Cuyahoga Falls, OH on July 20th. He is an incredibly nice man and it was an honor to chat with him. You can check the bands video for the song “Revolution”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6tmXNTVIQU and a video of Fred covering a whole bunch of songs here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js3pCXelIP0&feature=channel_video_title.

First off, how are you? 

Awesome, I’m enjoying the tour actually. I like the tour more than some of the other years I’ve done it.


What is different about it this year?

For me personally, I feel like this has happened before, I didn’t know many of the bands when they announced the lineup but when I got here, I found out that a ton of the bands are really good. So were making friends and it’s just been a really good experience. When you look at a lineup, you always look for the big names but sometimes that’s not where the best music is. Obviously, there are some big names here like Paramore and A Day To Remember but a lot of the smaller stages have bands that I like to watch every day. It’s a good time.


Who you hoping to see play?

Moving Mountains was one of my favorites, Lionize are good friends of mine, Lucero, and Relient K are still doing great.


Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

I feel like you should put more time into your craft than just the business end because now, I feel like there are some people that are getting ahead on the business end but I think that’ll change eventually. People are going to want to hear good playing of the songs, hopefully. I feel like at some point there will be a tipping point, we are getting so close that you might as well stop following the trends because by the time you catch up to it, it’ll be over.


If you could give yourself advice 5 years ago, what would you say?

Wow, well a lot has happened to me in the past 5 years. I probably would have just kept everything very indie. I still would have quit the big band that I quit (Taking Back Sunday) (Laughs) because I am happier now but I wish I would have trusted my ten or fifteen years of experience. I wish I would have worked more from the gut and less from what business people told me to do. I had a record deal and managers when I could have done some of the leg work myself and had a better result. But we are back now and that is why we are a t a starting point with Terrible Things.


If you could co-write an album with anyone, who would it be and why?

I’m really into Imogen Heep, which is kind of off the wall for Warped Tour but her stuff is mostly keyboard and I’d love the chance to put some guitars on it and collaborate lyrically just cause I’m a fan (Laughs). 


What’s the craziest experience you’ve had after a show?

It’s always crazy but Warped Tour has to be the craziest because we are actually in a camper and we have driver but he was really tired one night so I volunteered to take the driving shift for him. It was just a bad idea because I hadn’t slept in a day or two myself and I was definitely beginning to fall asleep at the wheel. It’s the worst routing I’ve been through and there are really long drives so that’s why I volunteered but it was a bad move. I was trying to be a man but it turns out I’m not, I’m not that tough (Laughs).


Is there a song of somebody else’s that you do not perform live and wish you did?

We actually haven’t been playing it live but our band knows “Under Pressure” by Queen & David Bowie and I want to start playing that soon but we haven’t practiced it and we haven’t played it this tour but that is in my top ten favorite songs of all time.


Who is your favorite band that you’ve toured with?

Probably Bayside, we toured with them in the winter and I really enjoyed that tour a lot. We did some other ones that we liked with Anberlin and Story of the Year but it’s tough to pick. Bayside will probably take the cake.


What are your plans for the future?

We are finishing out the rest of Warped Tour and ten we actually go to Australia in September which is really exciting for us. We are going to continue to write and hopefully start recording some songs and I don’t expect to do a standard release. I expect to do either some vinyl, an EP, or just something we can give away for a donation online. We want to do things on our own terms from here on out and I think it’ll wind up much better in the world we live in right now. We want to keep everything more real and keep any influence that the business end would have on us as far away as possible. We’ve been doing weekly videos on our website and they’re not us horsing around, like you would think, but it’s actually us playing covers or acoustic songs or weird versions or even put up new songs of us just playing in a living room or loud in a basement.

Damone – When You Live



I just wanna share a song to you guys this is my all time favorite and it inspires me a lot in so many angles, this masterpiece is very uplifting. Mind to listen and know what I am trying to say. :)))

When You Live – Damone

All the lost kisses
And runaway tears
Can’t fix what your good mom & dad
Have been saving in pictures for all of these years
And it’s sad
Everything fades to black yeah

All your cellophane friends
Play their monologue games
And mock everything that I am
But I don’t let it phase me
‘Cause they’re all the same
Don’t be one of them

‘Cause the lights will go down on your show
And as the scenes roll by
There’s something I wanted to say to you

When you live
Live with your soul
Not with your time
When you love
Love with your heart
Not with your mind
When you wanna be something the world can’t define
Open up your eyes

Accidents happen
Then confidence fails
But that’s not what I’m trying to say
There’s this look in your eyes
That’s been killing me here for days
So as the night drags on
There’s this I’ve been meaning to say to you

You can’t fake it here
You can’t fake it here
You can try all you want
But you’re breaking here

You can laugh it off
Tell your friends i’m soft
You can cry
You can scream
But I’ll brush it off
You’re not listening
You’re not listening
To anything I’m trying to say

You can’t fake it here
Open up your eyes
Open up your eyes

I have some of these words tattooed on me.