This would be one of the albums that I will never ever dispose from my iTunes. I heard this first almost 7 years ago and to this day, I still know all the lyrics to every song in the album. This fact doesn’t surprise me, because WTF.. this album is ASDFGDJFKJHJKL. I can’t.. even. I’m at loss for words.

I got this record in advance. it was a promo from the label. I had just started working at FYE.  Yancy gave me this, and a saves the day cd. my job seemed pretty fucking awesome.  I listened to the record once and wasn’t really impressed.  I mean, I liked it… but it was just ok.  FF» October 18th, 2003 I went to a radio show they were playing the local stage.. even though they weren’t local. THEY BLEW ME AWAY. this was not the band I had heard on the record. Phil had on a pink shirt, dan looked so young, adam had a scene hair cut. josh still had funny teeth, ryan’s hair looked like a calico cat. dan’s wife sold me my first story of the year shirt. I have no idea why I remember that. it was the red flag one and they only had it in large, but I got it anyway. josh was the first one of them that I met. I didn’t know any of their names, I got their autographs so that I could figure out who they were.  last year phil told me that he remembered meeting me that day. it meant a lot to me that this guy who I look up to actually remembered me when I was just an 18yr old girl with stars in her eyes.  between story of the year and yellowcard, my life changed that day. I had direction. I didn’t know it at the time, but my 18th birthday was my step in the door of the music industry.


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