Media Essentials Reviews: Weerd Science – Sick Kids

By Dave Hudson

Since his departure from progressive group Coheed & Cambria, drummer Josh Eppard has been rumored to be venturing in to different side projects which include drumming in the band Terrible Things featuring Taking Back Sunday’s former lead guitarist Fred Mascherino.

It came to no surprise that he decided to follow up his 2005 debut release ‘Friends & Nervous Breakdowns’ under his rapper alter ego Weerd Science. After being signed to MC Lars’ record label Horris Records, Eppard is releasing a new LP entitled Sick Kids aswell as supporting MC Lars on his latest tour. This is a personal record to Eppard as the narrative behind the songs are based on his drug addiction, which he further explains on

‘Once upon a time Josh Eppard played drums for Coheed & Cambria.  He toured the world and played to giant crowds, but his heart was always in hip-hop and rocking the mic under his alias Weerd Science. He released his debut rap album “Friends & Nervous Breakdowns” in 2005. Later leaving Coheed for personal reasons, Josh went on to write “Sick Kids”, an album about his battle and recovery from heroin addiction.  He has been clean for over a year and wrote the album to serve as a warning about the dangers of drug abuse. “Sick Kids” is a hip-hop concept CD unlike any other.  We are releasing it independently and need your help! ‘

It’s plain to see why Eppard was signed to MC Lars’  label as there is some major similarities in production and musical style. The record it self has some catchy hooks and deep meaning to which people can able to recognize their own personal problems and enjoy this record as their own road to self healing. Media Essentials personal favorite off the record Speedball (Kingston’s High), and would recommend this to any hip-hop lovers our there who want a break from the tiring heaviness of Eminem. 7/10.


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