Do this tonight.

The final run of newsonic parties continues this Friday night!! We have another excellent evening of music and visuals in store for you with live performances from evolutionary hip hop artists Optimus Tribe, and G Truth Now as well as tribal psych band Namaste and House of Waters. The evening begins with Australian singer/songwriter Adam Collett and his cosmic tunes and a potluck veggie dinner with the Green Bus Tour, + the otherwordly Planet Rump DJs, DJ Don Trust, and multi-screen projections from VJ Suit Machine. Don’t miss out, Last week’s party was off-the-hook!

1am – Optimus Tribe –

12:15 – G Truth Now –

11:30 – Namaste –

10:30 – House of Waters –

9:30 – Adam Collett –

8:00 – Vegetarian Pot Luck

+ Planet Rump DJs –
+VJ Suit Machine –

Friday April 15 9pm
76 Rutledge St., Brooklyn
$5-$10 suggested donation

peace, love, music


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